Saturday, November 19, 2011

My very own light box

I did an Etsy online workshop the other day about how to take better pictures. They explained how to make a light box to better shot jewelry and this is my very own light box

To make the box is very simple:
Materials: A box, scissors, tape, white paper
How to:
Just cut the sides, even the top if you want, of the box. Tape white paper in the sides, and top. Tape also white paper in the interior of the box, that will be your background ... VoilĂ ! you have a light box!
I placed the box so the natural light will enter through one of the sides of the box but I shot pictures also with a table lamp in the side of the box, the white paper diffuses the light very well.

Etsy Online Labs

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pre-knitted mesh at Interweave Bead Fest in PA

I've been buying this type of pre-knitted mesh from the UK since 2009. Since I discovered the wire lace some years ago I felt in love with the material and my only complain was how thin it was and how easily loses its form.
That's not a problem with the pre-knitted mesh, the structure is more rigid and you have to work it with your hands to give it a form that unless you seat on it it won't lose it's form.
This type of mesh is used mainly in industrial settings but also as sculpture and jewelry making material.
Yesterday at Interweave Bead Fest in PA an  American company was selling this pre-knitted mesh that they seem also be buying from Europe since all their measures were in meters.
Their designs were really nice but for instance their Calla Lily's were very different to mine with no beading and longer and with the material wrapped around itself.
Luckily that's how it is with jewelry, different people in front of the same material comes up with very different and unique pieces.
There are several books in the market that teach you how to work with this material. I'll try to make a list of those and publish it here soon.

Calla Lily Pendants

These are gorgeous pendants made with pre-knitted mesh worked to give them form as Calla Lily. They all have a center with pearls in different colors and sizes that make each pendant unique.
These pendants have been presented to juried jewelry shows and are really unique and eye-catching.
These type of Calla Lily are a unique design of mine.